With our flexible support packages, the choice is yours, but we don’t stop there

From implementation and configuration, to training and support – We help you every step of the way

Bluegem is backed with a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team ensuring you get the most out of your system.

Our comprehensive support services deliver:

  • Project and Managed Services

  • Flexible, secure, scalable and reliable hosting packages

  • Comprehensive and convenient hands-on training

  • 24-hour ticketed help desk and online manuals

  • Full set-up, branding and configuration service

Help Desk & Support Services

The world of technology is ever changing – and we don’t expect you to navigate this maze of constant change. Leave that to us so you can focus on what really matters – your business.

  • Online Resources – online manuals, webinars and a sandbox environment for you to trial your processes.
  • Real People – industry knowledge and experience, we’ve been in your shoes and know we can make your life a little easier.
  • Product Updates –  ensuring your solution continues to deliver outstanding results
  • Consulting – Industry, technology and business system experts giving you the services and advise you need to help you make better decisions
  • Ticketed help desk – 24/7 always awake and ready to help.
  • Phone Support – have a question? We are on standby , ready to assist when you need it.
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We want to be absolutely sure that you get the most out of your system from the word GO.

Admin level training is included with every Bluegem edition. Our training is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to improve your business processes.

We encourage ongoing learning with our range of support tools including a comprehensive online manual, 1 on 1 phone and screen sharing support, webinars, a 24hr ticketted help desk, a sandbox environment to test processes before going live and much more.

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Bluegem offers a range of onboarding services, getting your team ready and operational smoothly. Whether your goal is to be up and running tomorrow or in a few months time – our onboarding packages are personalised to your needs.

  • Data Migration – We offer a range of import options from AVETMISS, RAPT, VSL and CSV People, enrolments and curriculum imports, getting data into Bluegem is easy.
  • Branding – We use ‘partial branding’ to marry Bluegem with your website as closely as possible. Partial branding is included in the package. Full branding and even complete integration with your website is also available.
  • Configuration & Curriculum Design – We brand, configure and design prior to training so you are ready to operate from day 1.
  • Integration – Bluegem has a real time integration with training.gov.au, the USI registry, SCORM Cloud, Xero and more.
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Having your software running on a single computer or even on a Local area Network (LAN) server just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nor does having a handful of desktop licences for a system and database located at head office. Your competitors can already connect with any device, anytime anywhere and operate on a centralized shared database. What are you waiting for?

Secure and scalable hosting of your training management system is critical.

With Bluegem, you can rely on our flexible approach to hosting so you get the right hosting option for your business.

You can choose from our standard hosting options with either Shared Hyper VPS or Dedicated Hyper VPS. Or, you can choose advanced hosting on cloud servers or your own on-premise servers.

When your training management system is mission-critical for your business, you can rely on Bluegem.

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