Bluegem’s Administration features help you to stay on top of your work. From custom dashboards, notification badges and reports in a few clicks, Bluegem helps you prioritise and organise your daily tasks.

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Document Management

Bluegem’s Document Management features enable all users to easily upload and share files. These can be part of a course, in response to an online assessment, evidence of on-the-job training or uploaded directly. In the Library, you can store documents, images, reports, audio files, videos and other file types. It also allows administrators to manage and restrict access including hidden folders.

Report Management

From creating and building your own templates, or having a custom report designed, Bluegem’s Reporting tools enable you to build, manage and publish a range of reports that are run in real time. We make it easy to add in workflows, notification processes or data views – the choice is yours. Bluegem’s Report Designer also has regulatory reporting built-in, so you’ll always get accurate, flexible and comprehensive self-managed reports.

Finance Management

Bluegem’s flexible financial options make invoice management easy, streamlined and automatic giving you more time to analyse the important stuff. From the complexities of CRICOS and VET Student Loans, to everyday expenses, through API integration with XERO, MYOB exports or invoicing reports, billing details are easily transferable to your financial system.

Emails & Notifications

As an advanced business software solution, Bluegem enables email and SMS notifications, providing a rich set of workflows to help you keep on track of your reports, reminders and notifications. Furthermore, email templates allowing you to control format, audience, method of delivery, attachments and merge data fields are available to help effectively communicate your business critical messages.

System Integration

Bluegem offers a range of integration options from simple Excel data file transfers for nightly synchronised import/export operations, through to complex real-time hand shaking via state-of-the-art web services. With Bluegem, you have the advantage of using a system that is designed for easy integration with business systems such as ERP, HR, and CRM. And you’ll have access to a team of experts that can help you with numerous activities, from scoping and planning, to testing and deployment.


Bluegem implements the latest and most sophisticated Web Application Program Interface (API) technology from Microsoft. Our API enables the integration of your business systems and website with Bluegem, giving you the ability to obtain custom reports, RSS feeds, create custom dashboards and so much more.

Workflow Manager

Bluegem’s Workflow manager is a feature that allows you to plan, design and track work flow processes. From automating notifications, reminders and invitations to updating schedules, compliance data, activities and enrolment statuses, the workflow manager streamlines business processes for you.

Data Import/Export Manager

We make it easy to move. Bluegem simplifies data migration from any vendor using our automated AVETMISS and VSL importer tools. People, course, capability, enrolment and result data can also be imported using our custom import templates. Our import services come complete with data migration strategies including scoping the work, reviewing data and help rectifying errors, we make data migration risk-free.

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