The complete RTO and Corporate training management system

Bluegem is an AVETMISS compliant web-based Student Management System (SMS), a Learning Management System(LMS) and also a Training Management System (TMS). You heard right – All in one.

Student Management

Bluegem’s Student Management feature captures all records of a learner’s training and learning progress. The feature is accurate, easy to use and provides simple search and information tools that enable you to manage timetables, attendance, course creations and assessment strategies. You can also easily create reports and assess results through the portal.

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Course Management

Bluegem’s Course Management features enables course designers to structure accredited and non-accredited training programs into tiers that can be used for course planning,  scheduling events and timetabling. Administrators, Managers, Team Leaders and Learners can easily enrol in any unit, module, role or qualification within these structures, which are made available via the public and member portals.

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Resource Management

Bluegem’s comprehensive Resource Management feature enables training and other resources to be planned, costed, assigned and tracked. The system helps you to manage your expenses based on resources, activities and cost type. Resources can be grouped by People, Role Types, Venues/Locations and Other Resources, which is configurable within the system depending on your requirements.

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Learning Modes

Bluegem provides an integrated learning environment consisting of face to face or instructor-lead training, online learning or a combination of both also known as ‘blended learning’. Our online platforms are SCORM and xAPI conformant. The platform also delivers face to face and online assessments. Bluegem is unique in that it also provides a free text assessment tool with assessor – student communications and workflows.

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Enterprise Training

Bluegem’s Enterprise Training features will help your business to develop and maintain employee’s skills utilising our complete workforce planning and development tools. Bluegem’s API enables easy, cost-effective integration with HR, Financial and billing systems and recognises different administration systems such as Office 365, HRMIS, ERP systems, CRM and others.

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Bluegem complies with all Australian VET sector reporting requirements, including the collection of Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) compliant records for all students, detailing all competency enrollments and outcomes achieved throughout the calendar year.

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Bluegem offers a full range of administrative processes through the Bluegem Admin Portal to streamline your business activities with simple and easy to use controls, navigation and quick links. Our interactive dashboards capture and summarise key information to help administrators manage their complex work processes in a visually aesthetic format.

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