Struggling to understand AVETMISS rules? Unable to compile your end of month STA report? or need help putting together your NAT files? Bluegem are your go-to team. We help you decode the rigid VET sector reporting requirements.

With well over two decades of experience in the VET sector, in regular consultation with industry bodies, RTO consultants and clients, Bluegem is always up to date with the latest AVETMISS, USI, RAPT, SRTO, VSL, CRICOS and STA standards.

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As an AVETMISS Compliant SMS, Bluegem helps you collect learner data and formats it for NCVER or for your State Training Authority. Our ‘Planned Maintenance Support’ ensures your system is updated with the latest AVETMISS requirements. Default AVETMISS values are configured to be inherited by courses; enrolments automatically inherit the details from the course. Admin can easily adjust individuals records and quickly run the data through Bluegem’s AVETMISS Validation checker to ensure the data is error free and fix any discrepancies prior to the final submission.


The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a mandatory reference number for all students enrolled in nationally recognised training in Australia. A USI is required in order to receive your Qualifications or Statement of Attainment and provides an online record of training. Bluegem provides facilities to create, verify and locate a student’s USI number either individually or in bulk. Bluegem provides flexible options to prevent accidentally issuing AQF certificates without a USI or finalizing a student-made enrolment with no USI.

STA Reporting

Bluegem supports state data collection and exports for QLD DET, VIC SVTS, VSR, and WA RAPT.  This include the collection and management of contract numbers, fees and detailed invoicing within Bluegem. Like AVETMISS, data is inherited from settings, to course to enrolment and can be easily adjusted if required before running through our built in validation checker to ensure the data is error free and fix any discrepancies prior to the final submission.


Bluegem’s CRICOS module is a suite of features enabling you to capture international student details including passport, visa, IELTS, overseas address and health cover information. From application, offer, acceptance and enrolment through to certification the students journey is monitored to help you stay on top of your ESOS standard obligations. LOO and COE numbers from PRISMS are managed as well as invoice and payments. Agent partnerships are identified and students can be associated helping you to monitor commission and discounts.

VET Student Loans

Bluegem’s VET Student Loans module enables you as a provider to collect the extra information, and export it in the format required for HEPCAT VSL submissions. Administrators can set defaults for VSL specific data at the course level, these values are inherited by the enrolments where they can then be easily adjusted by admin. Most of the student specific data is already collected in AVETMISS – Bluegem uses this information but stores and exports it in a VSL friendly format to save double entry, time and effort.

Staff Matrix

Bluegem’s Staff Qualification Register features will help you to keep track of your trainer and assessor capabilities, qualifications, professional development activities and performance reviews. This allows you to easily run reports to demonstrate that your trainers and assessors have the necessary credentials to perform their roles.

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