Course Management

Bluegem’s Course Management feature breaks training programs into tiered structures of units, modules, roles, assessments and qualifications. Once created, these structures can be used for course planning to schedule events and timetables. Bluegem caters for accredited courses (VET sector) and non accredited courses (Enterprise roles and capabilities) which can be made available in portals or public websites to enable online enrolment.

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Course Planning

Course Planning is the process of constructing learning components in a way that can be delivered most effectively to your learners. Bluegem provides course design options enabling you to construct simple (stand alone units) to complex courses (units broken into stages of learning eg terms, semesters).  Once the course has been designed, the curriculum structure can be reviewed and approved using our curriculum planner.


The scheduling feature includes the specifics of a course and notifies students and trainers of a course’s location, time, delivery mode, pricing and availability. It also enables admin to identify and assign the activities and resources to the course. Administrators have flexible options around schedule visibility. When enrolling online, students are provided with schedule information and have the option to proceed to enrolment or submit an enquiry.


Bluegem’s Timetable feature enables admin to creates activities, allocate trainers and book venues where training will take place. Trainers can log in to their portal, see activities assigned to them, mark attendance and add notes where needed. Timetables are configured by administrators allowing them to designate public holidays, organisation breaks and default activity times. Timetables also act as the basis for attendance marking.

AQF Mapping

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national framework that defines qualifications, units of competency, skill sets and accredited courses. Usually, providers don’t directly deliver programs in the AQF structure, but instead deliver according to the training and assessment strategy (TAS) document. Bluegem provides the ability to map training and assessment delivery strategy to the AQF framework for the purpose of compliance reporting and certification.


Assessments are the tools used to establish competency in a skill and are provided across all learning modes including face-to-face, online and blended and are assigned a category and type. Assessments can be created and added to the Base Assessment Library for a course designer to use when creating a course. When a student is enrolled into a course, assessments are automatically inherited to be marked. Assessments can also be added on the fly when marking results.

TGA Importer

Rather than entering your accredited training scope manually, Bluegem’s (TGA) integration allows you to directly connect to the web service and import your scope as reflected on TGA.  As training scopes often undergo frequent changes and updates, the web service enables clients to easily and conveniently keep their training scope up-to-date. The TGA web service in Bluegem can read the scope based on your RTO number or browse the entire TGA library for import selection.

Online Courses

Bluegem offers two modules for delivering online courses. Our pure SCORM module allows you to run SCORM and Tin Can xAPI compliant courses with built in quizzes, exams and assessments used to result courses automatically. The LMS Lite module has been designed to cater for blended learning modes, it allows the content and the assessment to be built separately. Online courses in Bluegem can be modularised and sequenced allowing greater flexibility when designing your courses.

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