You can choose from the Private, Public, CRICOS, VET-FEE Help, Community or Enterprise Editions, or you can easily configure Bluegem for your own specific situation.


Choose a system to suit your needs

Bluegem offers a range of Student Management Systems, each designed to suit different requirements. You can choose a system from the Private, Public, CRICOS, VET-FEE Help, Community or Enterprise Editions, or you can simply configure a system to suit your specific situation. Contact us for an affordable and effective solution.

Flexible management solutions

Situations change fast in the workplace, and these days every successful organisation needs to be flexible and agile. Our software packages are designed to increase your flexibility, reduce your risks and streamline your business.

You can choose any of the powerful optional features and modules to meet your individual and specific business needs. Remember, all features and modules are part of the unique Bluegem system, and are all fully integrated.

Addictively efficient

Bluegem software is unique and addictively efficient. It’s Australia’s only fully-integrated, compliant, online and face-to-face Training Management System, which is why Bluegem is rapidly becoming Australia’s favourite TMS.

Student management and admin

When it comes to supervising a registered training organisation or implementing a unique student identifier system, you’ve come to the right place.

The Editions

Our range of packages includes different editions for different business needs. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our products, allowing us to provide affordable solutions that suit your business requirements.

The Private Edition is ideal for all privately registered or commercial training providers delivering specialised fee-for-service or funded training. This is a popular system providing the right balance of functionality, simplicity and affordable pricing.

The Public Edition best suits government owned providers (e.g. TAFEs) delivering high-volume, multi-campus further education programs. This edition offers the right tools for organisations to deliver a range of programs and short courses to large numbers of students across multiple campuses.

The CRICOS Edition includes special features and functions needed by CRICOS providers who offer courses to international students who need to comply with the ESOS National Code. This edition includes either the Bluegem Private or Public edition as the base product, and a suite of CRICOS add-ons. It will help you streamline the unique monitoring and reporting processes required for delivering training and educational programs to international students, making sure you comply with all CRICOS standards.

The VET Student Loans edition is designed for training and education providers offering VET-FEE Help, now called VET Student Loans for Higher Education and reporting via HEPCAT. This edition builds on and includes all the benefits of either the Private or Public edition.

The Community Edition was designed for start-ups, small RTOs, providers of community and adult education programs and organisations offering recreational courses. This edition consists of the powerful admin features of the private edition, but without the additional portals or online learning service.

The Bluegem Enterprise Edition is designed for in-house staff training. This system includes the full suite of modules, features and functionality required to manage staff competencies and integrate with internal business systems. Enterprises can use any or all of the powerful features in the Bluegem system.

Contact us and choose a Student Management System to suit your training needs.

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