Resource Management

Bluegem’s comprehensive inventory and expense management features enable trainers and other resources to be planned, costed, assigned and tracked. The system helps you to manage your expenses based on resources, activities and cost type. Resources can be grouped by People, Role Types, Venues/Locations and Other Resources, which is configurable within the system depending on your requirements.

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Trainer Management

Resources can be set up and allocated a Trainer, Contractor or Assessor role, cost type and location and then assigned to courses they have the experience and qualifications to train, assess or validate. Trainer’s activities can be viewed on a calendar in the trainer portal. The calendar also includes the ability to block out times for holiday or personal leave.

Venue Management

Venues are created for each training location and assigned to activities along with a trainer within a course. They can have a cost type assigned to help track expenses for a course. Bluegem provides a Venue calendar view to monitor venue usage and prevent double booking.

Asset Management

Asset management, or inventory management, tracks resources that fall under this category. Each resource item can be defined with standard costs down to specific models and serial numbers according to what the item is. Using the resource manager tool to this extent enables all resources to be used at optimum capacity.

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