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Bluegem is an all-in-one AVETMISS-compliant Student Management System (SMS) - Convenient, easy to use cloud software designed for training and education providers. Are you a Private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) needing to comply with the latest AVETMISS 8.0 and USI Standards? Are you a CRICOS or a VET-Student Loan Provider, a government or corporate enterprise needing to train and accredit your workforce? Perhaps you're a community and recreational training and education provider?

In fact, you needn't be an RTO at all? The type of training provider you are is not that important. What matters is that you deliver and assess learning. If so, Bluegem probably has an out-of-the-box solution that’s right for you. If we don’t have exactly the right solution, then you’re sure to find the specific features you need amongst our suite of smart configurable add-ons. Beyond that, who could be better placed to customise a solution to your precise needs than the people who live to develop outstanding RTO Software.

Which is your training business?

Learner Management Systems Private RTO Edition

Private RTO

Bluegem private rto was designed specifically for private RTOs and training centres. Bluegem is both a Learning Management and a Student Management System.It ticks all the boxes for AVETMISS, USI, CRICOS and VSL reporting. But we don’t stop at compliance. Bluegem provides an outstanding experience for your students, employers and training staff. The Admin portal […]
fire and emergency services lms

Fire and Emergency Services LMS

The Fire & Emergency Services LMS edition is designed specifically for agencies that deliver and assess training in public safety agencies. This solution is aware of emergency service organisational structures, capability management, career and volunteer personnel and the needs to integrate with related systems like AIIMS and Resource Management systems.
Learner Management Systems Enterprise Edition

Corporate Training

If you deliver corporate trainig, workforce planning and development and have the need for an LMS that also facilitates continuous professionsal development (PD or CPD) then you must take a look at the Bluegem Corporate Training Edition. Developing an a-grade workforce creates an outstanding USP that sets your company apart. An integrated instructor-led, online and […]
Learner Management Systems CRICOS Edition


The CRICOS Edition is designed for trainers and educators delivering services to International Students. It caters for the ESOS requirements, both Course Progress and Attendance Monitoring and Reporting with transparent tuition and non tuition billing.
Learner Management Systems VET Studetnt Loans Edition

VET Student Loans

The VET FEE Help Provider Edition combines all the necessary components required for offering VET FEE Help funding to eligible students. It has all the features of the Private edition with the ability to create and manage HEPCAT submissions.
Learner Management Systems Community Edition


Coming Soon – Ideal for recreational & community educators, start-ups and small training providers. It is a cost effective solution for organisation with under 100 short-course enrolments per month. It has all the features necessary to run a compliant training business.

Why choose Bluegem?

Learner Management Systems Support

Outstanding Support

With any new software, your team will require knowledgeable, friendly and efficient support. You’ll always get this from Bluegem, every time you require assistance.
Learner Management Systems Training

Comprehensive Training

Bluegem is intuitive and easy to learn. We also provide comprehensive training to get your team on the fast-track quickly.
Learner Management Systems Services

Professional Services

If you need help with data migration, integration or custom features, our qualified expert Bluegem specialists will quickly set Bluegem up for you.
Learner Management Systems Customization


Customisation of Bluegem is easy for us. We invented the Bluegem system and we can quickly adapt Bluegem just for you.
Learner Management Systems Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Every 3 months we release updates for Bluegem to keep it fully compliant. Each update adds more valuable benefits so Bluegem continually gets better and even easier to use.
Learner Management Systems Solutions

A Complete Solution

Bluegem is a complete business management, learning and reporting system for training providers. It’s a fully compliant and proven solution with over 250,000 users worldwide
Flexible Learner Management Systems

Right for The Job

With different modules and components, Bluegem is so flexible it can be a 100% Perfect Fit for almost any Australian or NZ training provider.
Easy to Use Learner Management Systems

Easy to Use

Bluegem is very easy to use, but rest assured, it’s a complex system with a lot happening in the background to make sure it always works exceptionally well for you.
Cloud Based Learner Management Systems

Cloud Based

Bluegem is secure and very reliable. In the Cloud, hosted in Australia with backups and Disaster Recovery all included. Your own Bluegem application and database. Leads to more control, flexibility and better performance than the multi-tenant offering of other training management systems.

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