Our Story

With decades of experience in the training sector, our story is about learning from and supporting businesses like you

About Us

We specialise in the design, development and implementation of innovative Learning Management, Student Management, Training Management and Business Systems across a range of sectors – from SME to large corporations and government agencies. We offer expertise and a wide industry perspective on finding innovative and cost-effective software solutions for real business needs.

Bluegem TMS | LMS is the culmination of over 20 years of R&D in close association with consultants, clients and industry leaders. With over 500,000 users worldwide the product is fully aligned with the needs of the training industry.

In addition, Bluegem provides expert consulting, sales, integration and support services for a range of Microsoft, MYOB and Xero software products that extend Bluegem’s functionality. In particular, we have consistently delivered compliant solutions to meet all the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand compliance-driven training markets including: SRTO, AVETMIS Standards as well as ASQA and NZQA guidelines.

Bluegem offers fully-supported customised solutions that implement all phases of the software development life-cycle, from scoping and requirements gathering to deployment, with ongoing support and user training. We focus on the company, not the computers, providing cost-effective systems that save time, effort and money by meeting real business needs.

Our People

We would have very little to show for our 26 years of investment if it were not for the outstanding people who helped us get there: project managers, developers and test staff devoting the extra time and energy to ensure a customer’s system is ready for go-live; our support team priority is to assist clients in submitting their AVETMISS reports by end-of-month, so they can receive govt. funding; our test engineers who scrupulously test and retest the latest releases looking for defects and usability issues; our support manager who juggles specs – user training – assisted phone support – client requests – help desk tickets – internal release and change management meeting until satisfactory outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Our Partners

Bluegem partners support us every day to ensure our software remains compliant, fit-for-purpose, reliably & securely hosted, and effectively integrated with best-of-breed business solutions from Microsoft, eWay, MYOB, SCORM Cloud, Xero and many others.

Our Company Message

Commercial Empathy – our aim is simple; to focus on developing strong relationships with our clients to ensure that we provide cost effective solutions aligned with their needs, goals and budget. This philosophy allows us to understand their needs and contribute to their continued success through the implementation of appropriate software systems.

Business Analysis – we are committed to helping our clients make better decisions and improve performance. Our comprehensive Business Analysis Scoping Workshops focus on understanding the various roles and responsibilities within an organisation – allowing us to provide consultative and fully costed proposals that meet identified requirements and help to save time, money and wasted effort.

Reduced Risk – using Microsoft’s latest .NET technology, Bluegem has developed a library of Software Modules that can be easily integrated and customised to form unique, larger solutions alongside other applications. This flexible approach minimises risk, producing tailored solutions within reduced project timeframes. It also means that you can feel confident that our solutions will remain supportable for as long as possible.

Quality Assurance – our commitment to quality is emphasised by our status as a Microsoft Certified Partner, ISV Software Solutions and MYOB Development Partner.

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