Student Management

Bluegem’s Student Management features caters for everything from short course enrolments through to role development plans. The learner’s journey, starting from registration is mapped, managed, monitored and maintained all the way through to accreditation and certification.

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Student details are captured in a central profile where Administrators, Companies, Managers and Team Leaders can easily add, find, update and monitor a students profile including personal details, status of training, email communication, financials and compliance data. Each student has access to their own secure portal where they can update personal details, enrol, pay online, access invoices, leave feedback, download training material, certificates and resources, launch online courses and complete online assessments.


Bluegem offers flexible options for companies and students to create their own account. Administrators can customize the registration form to collect the information relevant to your needs.  Once a student has been registered within the system, their profile is created and they receive a confirmation of membership registration email. Admin are notified of pending company membership requests. All emails and notifications are content managed by the administrator.


Once a student has registered they can access their member’s portal to search and enrol into desired courses and programs. Administrators, Managers, Companies and Team Leaders can also create enrolments for individuals and batches of students through Trainee Groups. Automatic email notifications to the relevant roles are sent when an enrolment is finalized. Flexible settings give admin control over enrolment statuses, payment options, enrolment periods, notifications and course owners.

Study Plans

In Bluegem, a study plan is automatically created for each student that enrols in a course, outlining the plan for the training/learning they need to complete. The study plan includes details on units, modules, assessments and other training activities in their course. An approval process for supervisors or managers can also be set up to review and approve when a student will undertake a particular study activity, for example, to avoid clashes with important deadlines. The study plan tool is also a way to plan and track the progress of each student, once a course is completed, it becomes a record of the training.


Bluegem’s Timetabling and Attendance features help you to monitor and report student participation in learning and assessment activities. These features enable you to monitor attendance in accordance with CRICOS requirements identified in the ESOS reporting standards for overseas students. Admin can define what is deemed to be unsatisfactory attendance and be notified when a student falls below the threshold. As well as the comprehensive Timetabling and Attendance feature, the system also supports simplified attendance tools such as roll call and custom attendance templates.


From individual to bulk marking, updating outcome codes, tracking assessments and assigning trainers. Bluegem offers flexible resulting tools for all delivery modes including elearning, face to face and blended. Resulting can be as simple as Competent, Not Yet Competent or as detailed as a percentages and grades. Resulting is completed by administrators or trainers. Recognising the need for control, authorisation and security, Bluegem offers the ability to change access rights giving only nominated personnel, such as trainers and top-level admin, the authorization to perform tasks such as result & issue certificates.


Bluegem has several certification features that make our process unique. For example, some of our main resource tools include the ability to create certificate templates within the system, a certificate register to identify which certificates have been issued, QR verification codes for external reviewers, the facility to store and record certificates for students issued by external providers (e.g first aid certificate) and much more.


The Bluegem feedback feature enables users to provide feedback to the provider. Students can participate in complaints and appeals via this feature and have access via their student portal. Trainers, staff and other users can also provide feedback that might be used for continuous improvement. The Bluegem feedback feature includes a complete back-end follow up and corrective action function via the admin portal.

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