Learning Modes

Face-to-face, online, blended and virtual training all in the one platform. Bluegem offers a fully integrated platform that provides students with the opportunity to manage their learning through various environments, providing a seamless classroom experience from introduction through to coursework and assessment.

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The face to face learning mode is assigned to courses that require training to be delivered on specific dates, times and locations. A facilitator conducts the training for either a client, individual or more commonly a class, either onsite or in a class room environment.


Bluegem manages all enrolments and courses that are supplied through the online platform. Students can enquire, enrol and pay in a few clicks prior to launching their online course. Assessments, quizzes and exams are completed as part of the online learning mode. Once a pure online course has been marked, results are automatically updated to the database and the certificate link will display.


Bluegem uses modules to create a blended learning mode. These modules can be a mix of face to face and online assessments and content. Modules can be sequenced within a blended course to offer flexibility when designing and delivering courses. Once all modules have been marked, the course result is automatically updated to the database.

SCORM Tracking

Bluegem uses SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) – the industry standard for e-learning software products – to deliver content to students, understand how they interact with the content and track their results. Bluegem also supports xAPI, the latest standard for e-learning, which collects online and offline experiences that are quantifiable, shareable and trackable.

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