Enterprise Training

Bluegem’s Enterprise edition is a comprehensive suite of features to help the learning and development team develop strategies to improve,  maintain and track employee’s skills. Managing role development plans for your workforce is effortless,  the system recognises training pathways and streamlines the planning process. Bluegem simplifies capability maintenance by tracking accreditation and validation status, offering expiry notifications and re-enrollment invitations for refresher courses keeping your people up to date.

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Workforce Planning and Development

Bluegem’s system ensures your workforce can be trained and assessed against a relevant skill matrix or capability framework appropriate to your business. This helps you maintain all staff with the skills and competencies to perform in their roles. You can use a Bluegem prepared capability framework or customise one specific to your business.

Professional Development

Bluegem’s Professional Development feature provides the tools to help your people maintain a high degree of skill in a designated job role or profession. Bluegem enables organisations to provide a range of professional development courses and activities in which employees can enrol, earn points and maintain accurate records of employee participation. Bluegem also helps to facilitate online professional development libraries for online courses.

Capability Framework

Our Capability Framework is a matrix of roles, skills, competencies and performance levels required by an organisation to fulfil its mission. Bluegem provides a capability framework that identifies an organisation’s needs, current capacity and the training gap between the current skills and the desired skill.


The Bluegem Management feature provides a notification process for managers and supervisors which alerts them to employee courses and training activity. The notification process allows managers or supervisors to approve an employee’s course in order to avoid scheduling clashes, for example with an important work deadline.

HR Integration

Training activity needs to be matched to the people who need to be trained. In a corporate environment, this is usually done through a personnel database or an HR management system. The Bluegem API can integrate with HR systems to obtain a list of people who need or may need to be trained. Integration can work through a nightly synchronisation process or by simply exporting lists through CSV files.

Role-Based Auto Enrolment

The Role-Based Auto Enrolment feature allows for automatic enrolment into training events and activities. If a particular skill need is identified in a learner’s training plan and a relevant training event occurs, that person will automatically be enrolled or their training provider notified for their attendance to be approved.

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