International Student Edition

International Student Edition for CRICOS Providers

Bluegem – International Student Edition is designed for training and education CRICOS providers.

Easy-to-use tools and automated process workflows ensure you and your team will comply with the ESOS National Code.

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This solution includes all the features of the the Bluegem Private edition as the base product with the addition of our suite of CRICOS Services.  ESOS, course progrss, attendance and intervention reporting are some of the unique CRICOS features that make up the International Student edition.

What if you deliver to both International and Domestic Learners on Vet Student Loans?

Many colleges offer courses to both international and domestic students who may also have VET-Student-Loans. For this scenario we offer the same solution with the VET-Student-Loans module included.

A closer look at the CRICOS functions!

This edition streamlines the processes associated with managing international students to comply with ESOS Part D of the National Code 2007. In particular it covers both the Attendance and the Academic Progress methods of monitoring and reporting international students on an Student Visa. We’ve broken the suite down to 5 Key modules listed below.

  • Document and Template libraries – Letter of Offer, enrolment forms, policies and procedures
  • Attendance monitoring and reporting
  • Academic (Course) progress monitoring and reporting
  • Intervention Planning and Management
  • Dynamic Study Plans and Timetables
  • Automated billing, payment schedules and financial reporting for tuition and non-tuition items
  • Agent portal and commission statements
  • Easy to use portals for learners, Agents and parents / Guardians
  • Offer face-to-face, online, virtual classroom and blended – all included – no extras!
  • Provide online pre-enrolment, online payment and discount options
  • Import up-to-date training scope directly via the TGA web service
  • Set up Non accredited training and programs
  • AVETMISS 7 and USI Compliance and reporting.
  • Conformance to Standards for RTOs (SRTO 2015)
  • All the functionality inherited from either the Private or Public editions.
  • USI
  • VET Student Loans
Delivery Modes
  • Face to face
  • xAPI
  • Blended
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Experiential
  • Professional Development

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