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It is the latest addition to our suite of training management software solutions for the VET sector.

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The Bluegem Community Edition is compliant with all reporting standards, including: AVETMISS, RAPT, AQF, SRTO 2015 and USI. Contact us today for a demo, to find out more about our quality training management program.

  • Create and deliver an exciting community based curriculum
  • Deliver health and fitness activities
  • Events and facilities management
  • Integration with city council systems
  • Continuous improvement dashboards and reports

Who should consider this edition?

If you fit into any of the following categories then the Community Edition with its rich feature set and attractive price tag could be the right solution for you:

  • Start-up organization seeking an education start-up system
  • Small training provider with less than 50 unit enrolments per annum
  • SME delivering in-house staff training
  • Community and recreational course provider

What’s different about this edition?

It is designed to deliver a high-quality solution to those training and education providers that don’t need or want the bells and whistles, but still want the autonomy of in-house training solutions. This edition facilitates curriculum design, scheduling, student records management, reporting and RTO compliance. It’s also attractively priced to minimise your risk, is easy to use, and will save your team precious time and effort.

What does it include?

  • Student management admin portal
  • Program and short course management
  • Scheduling and cohort management
  • Continuous improvement registers
  • Bulk certificate register
  • Template editor
  • Payments and invoices
  • AVETMISS / RAPT / TVA reporting in all states for all registration types
  • Compliance can be switched off for non-RTOs and recreational learning centres
  • Communication and client relationship management
  • Admin access management
  • User manual and online help
  • Online support and training.

Benefits of our in-house training solutions

  • Cost saving

Opting for public training courses is an expensive exercise, whereas choosing to conduct your inhouse training will save you from incurring monetary and resource costs like travel and time away from the office.

  • Targeted improvements

When you oversee the training, examples don’t have to be broad and unrelated, they can be specific to your organisation. This allows you to remedy any issues unique to your staff and situations.

  • Convenient

This is convenient both for your employees and your business. Now the logistics of commuting from location to location no longer need to be factored in. Training can take place from the comfort of your premises.

If you can’t find the features you need in the Community Edition, then browse our other editions:Private (Most Popular)Public, or Enterprise. You’re sure to find an option that suits you and your organisation. Alternatively, we also have tailormade solutions for VET Student Loans or CRICOS providers.

Our solutions are scalable and flexible. You can start small and scale up to any edition that better suits your needs and budget.

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