Clean, fast responsive, accessible web pages, with strong relevant images, crisp fonts and easy navigation are an integral part of every successful web site. We often get request from Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to develop web pages that integrate a corporate website with Bluegem. They tell us

“We want the best of both worlds. We want an outstanding student management system that completely reflects our brand and corporate image to our clients.”

And why wouldn’t you expect that? Our designers will ensure that your custom web pages meet the criteria of your style guide and deliver an outstanding user experience for your staff, administrators, students, partners and corporate clients. The Bluegem design team will work with you to accumulate your brand assets and style guides, brand your training management systems and ensure that your custom pages will retain their style and integrity throughout multiple product updates and releases.
Web API Option

When it comes to your brand, we don’t lock you into using our services. You’re free to get you own designers to deliver your brand and use our Web API to integrate transparently with Bluegem training management products.

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