Whether your aim is to generate compliant AVETMISS, RAPT, or VET Student Loan (VET FEE-HELP) reports or Business Management reports in your RTO; accurate, flexible and comprehensive self managed reporting is what we always strive to deliver. Bluegem has many powerful reports out of the box, the ability to create your own report templates, and to schedule the delivery of reports in a workflow. Some reports take a long time to render. That’s not really a performance issue. There’s just lots and lots of data to proces. That’s a fact of life. But our intelligent job service lets you run those big batch reports as offline scheduled ‘jobs’. That way your report won’t bog down the Training Management System generating all that data. This is called offline reporting and our engineers will let you know whether or not your report can be run in the browser or needs to be scheduled as a batch job. On the other hand, short reports can be run at anytime in real-time and rendered quickly in your browser.

Regulatory Reporting is built in

As you would expect, Bluegem have built-in all the necessary regulatory reporting requirements for AVETMISS, RAPT, VET Student Loans, CRICOS, Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CAN), invoicing, payments, etc…

Custom Reports

This is the bases of this flow chart. We’ll get your requirements with a sample report, give you a quote. If you accept it we’ll start by building any Data Views that don’t already exist. Now you can build your own report using the built-in report designer, or get us to do it for you. You may then want to add a workflow and notification process to deliver your report. This is optional, often you just want to click and run the report. Once all work is completed we’ll invite you and your team to evaluate and test the report before you accept it and sign-off the project. If you later need to modify that report, you have all the tools and documentation to do it yourself.

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