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Bluegem LMS for health, fire, shipping, transport, first aid, business, finance, nursing, education

With 250,000 users worldwide, spanning diverse industry sectors in education, health, transport & shipping, fire & emergency, environment, business & finance, first aid, real estate, NGOs and many more Bluegem is the blue print LMS for integrated business-focused learning and development.

Client: Victorian Government agency with 70,000 users.

Following the deadly Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria in 2009, a Royal Commission was held to investigate the causes and make recommendations for improvements.

One of the key recommendations was to invest in training and to implement a new training management system. The tender for the Training Management System (TMS) was awarded to Bluegem in March 2014. Bluegem delivered the requirements of the system by October 2014 and continues to actively, maintaining and supporting the system.

The department is registered as an Enterprise RTO under the Victorian Registration & Qualification Authority (VRQA) and submits AVETMISS reports via Skills Victoria (SVTS). The department delivers, assesses and validates competencies leading to firefighting and environmental management capabilities for career and volunteer fire fighters and environmental management professionals. The department is tightly linked to other environmental protection agencies and emergency service providers throughout Victoria.

Bluegem was able to satisfy more than 80% of the department’s TMS business requirements out of the box. The remaining 20% required customisation and web services which were scoped in consultation with the client’s project team. Bluegem then presented a costed project plan to design, develop and test the custom modules. The project plan included an Agile development approach, in which the client’s project teams were invited to participate in daily screen-sharing online meetings to review and contribute to the design process.

Data migration and web services were completed to transfer data from the old student management system and integrate with various internal business systems including the Incident and Response Management system used for managing emergency response services throughout regions and districts in Victoria.

All requirements were delivered by September 2014, within the expected timeframe. Delivery of the system was followed by User Acceptance testing and finally deployment to the new production server environment.

The Bluegem team submitted the most successful of all proposals demonstrating clear understanding of the Business requirements, the technical capacity to achieve our objectives and a product fit for purpose.” (March 2014)

“Bluegem has been the most successful implementation of any project undertaken by the department to date.“  (July 2015)

Project Manager, Victorian government agency

Client: Real Estate Training company (QLD)

Prior Situation:  Client runs many variations of Cert IV courses with different sets of units for Property Managers, and Commercial Real-estate.  They needed an integrated system for better management.

With Bluegem:  Full TMS with full financial system integration managing wide range of choices and pathways to meet the professional streams in the real-estate industry. Provides huge business flexibility for students and the client.

  • Uses Bluegem’s Qualification Streams for streamed specialisation ‘pools’ of elective units.
  • Uses Bluegem’s invoicing and payments integration (MYOB / Xero)
  • Uses version control stages so multiple versions leading to the same qualification can be set up for each student.
  • Qualification can be further associated with ‘specialist’ and ‘general’ electives.
  • Online enrolment and payments to accept online bookings and deposits integrated with their financial system, initially MYOB and now includes Xero.
  • Comprehensive integration with invoicing, payments, member statements and financial reports.

Client: First Aid Training Provider (VIC)

Prior Situation: New business & new RTO, needed a complete new business management system.

  • Required an easy and simple system, quickly scalable for rapid growth.
  • Required flexibility to work from anywhere at any time
  • Required online eLearning and Training Management System
  • Systems had to meet auditor’s assessment requirements
  • Accurate and efficient reporting to government bodies was essential.

With Bluegem: Fast, reliable, flexible and easily scalable training delivery and management.

  • Fully web-based systems, with easy online access 24.7
  • Online booking system including payment gateway, invoices & payment history. MYOB integration
  • Client branding of the TMS and portals for corporate clients
  • Public, Student and Admin portals
  • Modular and blended SCORM compliant eLearning functionality and LMS fully integrated with the TMS
  • Comprehensive support and advice

Client: Security Training Provider (VIC)

Prior Situation: RTO delivering entry point and specialist training to agencies and individuals.

  • Needed stable Training Management System with eLearning functionality
  • Flexible learning to include: face to face, blended, distance as well as eLearning
  • SCORM compliant LMS essential. AVETMISS & AQTF compliant reporting essential.
  • Trainers needed to work anywhere and anytime

With Bluegem: All TMS & LMS requirements are provided in one system

  • User friendly and efficient administration tools, scheduling and resource planning
  • Compliant with all the reporting requirements for AQTF and AVETMISS for all states
  • Fully integrated SCORM and non-SCORM compliant eLearning functionality.

Client: International Shipping Company (WA)

Prior Situation:  In 2010, the shipping company installed world’s most advanced simulated training facility for Ship Captains.

  • Needed to deliver and track international offshore oil and gas training, including nationally accredited and continuous improvement courses for ship captains.
  • Required Training Management System to accurately manage the training run through the simulator.
  • Had to be 24/7 portal for online enrolment and online participation in courses, globally.

With Bluegem: Ship Captain’s Training Facility easily established ‘out of the box’.

  • Client adopted Bluegem out-of-the-box without needing any customisation work.
  • Fully compliant training management system for students who are ship captains.
  • Operational on company’s vessels on oil and gas projects throughout the world
  • Ship Captain students can easily book online and access their training resources and online courses.
  • Can access their training results at anytime anywhere globally.
  • Company admin team can enrol students, manage courses, correspond through automated workflows, mark assessments and course results, issue certificates and submit all compliance reports.
  • Company is ASQA registered and submits AVETMISS reports directly to NCVER.

Client: Business Improvement Training Provider (QLD)

Prior Situation: The client’s complex requirements for training delivery were not effective and not efficiently managed.

With Bluegem: Client uses Bluegem’s online learning portal to deliver unique blend of services and online materials to corporate clients and their staff.

  • Uses TMS to develop and deliver online resources for RTOs.
  • Uses Bluegem TMS to deliver with both multi-choice and facilitator-marked essay-style questions.
  • Uses Bluegem’s Workflow system for ‘Free-text Assessment’ of essay style questions to ensure students and facilitators engage online.

The workflow system enables:

  • Course authors to design essay-style questions and task instructions
  • Students to work in ‘draft’ mode and ‘publish’ for marking when ready
  • Students or Course designer to attach and upload supporting content
  • Integration with the Bluegem Library feature to store and provide access to attachments
  • Emails between student and facilitator during the assessment
  • The facilitator to mark, comment and complete the assessment
  • The automatic accrual of marks to the student’s overall result.

The free-text assessment combined with media rich SCORM content provides a much richer learning and assessment environment than can be achieved using pure SCORM with multi-choice quizzes. This is the cornerstone for the client’s award winning online delivery on PCs and mobile devices.

Client: A Major Utility Service Provider (WA)

The client is an electrical utilities service provider with staff and contractors exceeding 10,000 people. When the client first encountered Bluegem, they were in need of an overhaul of their current inefficient and time-consuming Training Management System.


  • Complex manually intensive registration and enrolment process
  • Outdated spreadsheet-based scheduling and resource management
  • Standalone database not integrated with corporate network and ERP System
  • Compliance reporting not integrated and manually processed
  • Course progress, results and evidence management completed in disparate stand-alone systems
  • Inability to leverage eLearning Content available throughout multiple divisions and branches


  • Online Booking System
  • Moved a central admin role to a convenient self service student-driven operation
  • Integrated course scheduling and resource management
  • Network integration through nightly data exchange with ERP System
  • Built-in integrated compliance reporting tools with button-click efficiency
  • Integrated Assessments, Evidence Portfolio and student results with self-serve access by user and role
  • Full SCORM 2004 Compliant and integrated Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Complete set of corresponding support services, documentation, and training

Client: Australian Employment Covenant (National)

The Australian Employment Covenant’s Fifty Thousand Jobs Campaign was initiated by Andrew Forrest (CEO, Fortescue metals Group). The campaign was set up in order to assist Indigenous Australians to find effective long term employment with a suitable employer or vocational training. In order to allow employers to communicate employment opportunities, the AEC required an all-encompassing system tool.


  • Creating a Job Management System where employment service providers, schools and Indigenous job seekers could view the jobs that were on offer for Indigenous Australians Australia wide.


  • Bluegem were the System Architect, project manager, provided the development team, testing environment, documentation.Creating a Job Management System where employment service providers, schools and Indigenous job seekers could view the jobs that were on offer for Indigenous Australians Australia wide.

Client: Security Training Provider (National)

The client is an Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering industry entry point and specialist training to agencies and individuals across multiple states.  In order to deliver Security Officer and a necessary Online Training Course, the organisation required a complex yet user friendly TMS.


  • Finding a stable Training Management System that included eLearning functionality
  • Managing large amounts of administration
  • Flexible learning to include: face to face, blended, distance as well as eLearning
  • SCORM compliant LMS essential
  • Compulsory AVETMISS & AQTF compliant reporting
  • The ability to allow the trainers to work anywhere and anytime


  • BluegemEXPLORE TMS|LMS provided all business requirements in one system
  • Industry expertise and support
  • User friendly and efficient administration tools, scheduling and resource planning
  • Met all the reporting requirements for AQTF and AVETMISS for all states
  • SCORM and non SCORM compliant eLearning functionality fully integrated


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