What to consider when choosing an SMS – Student Management System (or Training Management System and Learning Management System) for RTO’s In Australia

When choosing an SMS (Student Management System), delve deeper than just the cost – whilst cost is an important factor, the cheapest is not always the best.

Longevity – Make sure the Student Management System not only fits you now but will grow and evolve with you into the future.

Find a system that can incorporate the ever changing AQTF, AVETMISS, ASQA compliance reporting requirements and constantly evolving technology. Being stuck with a stagnant system is not good for business – changing to a new system can be an absolute nightmare and a huge waste of money and time.

Having worked in an RTO where they changed systems 4 times in 3 years was an absolute headache. Just finding which system a student was in could be very time consuming.

Look for user- friendliness. Student Management Systems (SMS | TMS) should ease the admin workload – does not mean that you have to employ a tech person to drive it.

Ease of use for the student is also another vital factor.

Needing to “hold” students’ hands to enable them to navigate their way around a system is frustrating for the student and costs hours in student support. It doesn’t do much for the RTO’s reputation either (Word of mouth is an incredibly valuable marketing tool).

About the Author

Leah, Online Courseware Creator & Developer, has worked in the training industry for more than 14 years. She has worked in RTO administration, In-class Trainer, Manager of Online & Correspondence Training, Student Support, Developer of Learning materials and Online Courseware. During those times, Leah has worked with five different Learning Management Systems and two distinct Training Management Systems.

She knows what works and what doesn’t. If you are thinking about venturing into Online Training (eLearning), contact Leah at Bluegem and she will be happy to chat about the benefits of Online Learning, as well as assist you in creating & developing your online courseware.

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