VELG VET Conference 2013 eLearning Workshop Registration

Our Managing Director, Bruno Cozzi will be presenting the workshop entitled “Can’t use eLearning in your RTO? Think again! The world has changed…”. He’ll be discussing the many reasons why RTO’s should rethink eLearning strategies in the light of new advances and capabilities in Online course authoring and Learning Management System (LMS) technologies. Among them:

Increased Revenue – eLearning can now be delivered on mobile devices giving you access to new opportunities.

Easy Course Design – new low-cost authoring tools make it easier to design your courses and get them on-line.

Blended Courses – face-to-face and on-line content can work as one, fully integrated with no extra admin effort.

Book here to register your interest in joining us at this inspirational  45 minute workshop and find out how recent advances in eLearning may benefit your training organisation today.

When: Friday 20th from 12:30 to 1:15 PM

Where: Room 209 at the VELG VET Conference 2013 in Melbourne

Registration Form: