BluegemEXPLORE 2014 Training Management System Trial Terms and Conditions


The Trial Site is provided on the understanding that you accept Bluegem’s trial terms and conditions. By logging into the site with any of the login credentials provided you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


Bluegem’s confidentiality agreement can be accessed here:

Duration of the Trial

Our Trials are generally available for 7 days unless extended by agreement.

Data entered during the Trial

All Trial data entered by you will be deleted at the end of the Trial. Bluegem accepts no responsibility for the content or the availability of this data and is under no obligation to backup or deliver the data to you in any form following the trial. The trial includes sample data to enable you to follow a tutorial. If you delete or modify the sample data, Bluegem cannot be responsible for any consequential misalignment of information and scenarios described in the tutorials. The scenarios and data offered in the tutorial is considered non-sensitive and Bluegem accepts no responsibility for any inadvertent use of fictitious names, places, events, or training details. Bluegem provides some sample content for the purpose of demonstrating concepts and services. This data is not intended for, and should never be used in place of professionally authorised training content. Bluegem makes no claims regarding expertise in these fields and the content should never be regarded as accurate or appropriate for the related industry. In particular the Basic Fire Fighting 809 course is provided purely to demonstrate eLearning procedures. It is not authorised or recommended for use by any official fire-fighting agency or training establishment.

Performance and Quality of Service

Although Bluegem does it’s best to deliver a realistic experience, trial servers may not perform as well as the same application running on a production server.

Trial Payment

Bluegem does not require payment for a trial. However, in some cases it may be necessary for a client to extend a trial. Bluegem reserves the right to charge a fee for any resources required to make the trial available beyond an agreed period.

Release Standard

Trials may not always be available to the latest release of the software. Where this is the case you will be advised of any trial limitations.

Add On Modules

Trials may include more or less add-on modules than you require or expect. Where possible we will always advise which features are included and which are add-on modules. Bluegem accepts no responsibility to deliver the features offered during the trial unless previously defined and agreed.

Trial Termination

On completion of a Trial your data will be deleted. No Trial data will be saved or provided to you on completion. You are advised not to enter data or upload documents that are of a confidential nature. Bluegem will request feedback and information that will be useful for ongoing product development and improvement and for scoping your requirements. These sessions though informal are bilaterally confidential and bound by the terms of the confidentiality agreement.

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