The Search for RTO Compliant Training Management System

CPREA is a member-based organisation and accreditation program which recognises the professional skills, knowledge and experience of real estate practitioners.

CPREA is also an Australian registered Trademark which symbolises professional practice in Real Estate in Australia. A Certified Practicing Real Estate Agent (CPREA) is a real estate practitioner in Australia with specific qualifications and recognised experience in real estate, who continuously strives to provide professional services to clients, and is committed to enhancing their own knowledge, skills and professional development through ongoing training.

CPREA is passionate about our industry and about providing quality service to our clients. Professional education and ongoing professional development are very important components of our professional standing and reputation. As such, we strive to ensure our members have a professional and efficient means of managing their own learning and ongoing development.

In this endeavour, an obvious choice for us in determining an effective TMS to suit our needs was the BluegemEXPLORE Training Management System and the added bonus of a LMS included.

We certainly did our research and reviewed several AVETMISS RTO Compliant Training Management systems, Bluegem came quickly to the forefront in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, ease of use, professionalism, and engagement of learners; not to mention the professional, very experienced technical support team maintaining the system in the background.

BluegemEXPLORE was certainly our No 1.

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