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How Bluegem Helps RTO’s Meet their Business Targets Year after Year

Bluegem has spent over 10 years as RTO systems and software providers. In that time, we have had the opportunity to tweak our AVETMISS compliant Student Management System and turn it into the most comprehensive holistic Training Management System on the market. Our newest version, BluegemEXPLORE 2014, continues and improves on our tradition of helping […]

Bluegem Editions

RTO Software Made Easy: Bluegem Features and Benefits

With 250,000 users worldwide, Bluegem is an innovative, complete and fully AVETMISS compliant RTO Software Made Easy. Who uses Bluegem? If you’re a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), a corporate training provider, an international college or you provide training for a fire and emergency service you’ll enjoy the benefits of of RTO Software made easy. If […]

BluegemEXPLORE 2013 Student Management System Launch at the National Vet Conference

BluegemEXPLORE®2013 is the most comprehensive holistic Student Management System (also known as Training Management System) designed to help Training Providers and RTO’s successfully deliver training and business targets year after year. BluegemEXPLORE®2013 is the culmination of well over a decade of creating software solutions for the learning and development industry. We’ve learned how to deliver […]

Using BluegemEXPLORE Just Got A Whole Lot Easier – Introducing BluegemRESOLVE Video Tutorials

BluegemRESOLVE is a tool we initially developed for internal use by our team. It provides a learning platform for each member of our staff to be highly productive and competent with newly improved and far-advanced technologies. We have found RESOLVE to be such a great tool that we felt we should share it with users […]

BluegemEXPLORE Road Map 2012

Overview BluegemEXPLORE has continuously evolved since we commenced R&D on the product in 2004. Each year has brought new or improved features, bug fixes, compliance and technology updates. Since that time, the product has migrated from what was essentially a Lessons Learned Database (Captured Learning system) to a fully-compliant Student Management System meeting all the […]