Support – Help Desk


As you would expect, Bluegem operates a full ‘business hours’ HelpDesk service for personal phone and email support.

We’re here to help you, and we promise you our full support.

  • USER MANUALS – A complete set of user manuals the cover all aspects of the software with real life scenarios and samples
  • START UP – Setup, Branding and Configuration assistance in your first 30 days
  • TRAINING – One full day of hands on product training for one Active administrator and up to 5 Passive participants
  • UPDATES – Quarterly updates ensure you comply with latest standards and regs, have most up to date training packages, and a product that just keeps getting better.
  • ONLINE HELP – Every page in Bluegem has a Help Icon, providing convenient context help where you need it.
  • TICKETED HELP DESK – 24/7 access to our ticketed help desk system with 24 Hr. response time
  • VIDEO LIBRARY – A comprehensive set of easy to access videos that take you through product examples step by step
  • FAQs, Blogs, Release Notes – All information available from this website for your support.

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