Private RTO Edition


Your team expects Training Management Software to be functional, reliable and easy to use. So do we.

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This solution is designed for training and education providers as well as  Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who offer fee-for-service courses to the public and to their corporate clients.

This solution offers the right balance of functionality, ease of use and price.  RTOs who deliver a mixture of fee-for-service and publicly-funded courses will immediately nise the benefits of this easy-to-use web based solution. Contact us to find out more.

Is Bluegem only for RTOs? Not at at all. With just a few configuration settings we can switch off all the VET compliance reporting features and present a clean, simple package that’s great at managing industry-based courses, recreational and community education and in-house staff training for employees in small-to-medium government or commercial organisations.

In addition to the core features, you’ll find many financial, reporting, CRM, document management and resource management services that have been designed to make the running of your business easier. Download our product brochure and Contact us to arrange a demo or discuss your needs.


The best aspect of this system is its flexibility and ability to integrate seamlessly with other business solutions.

Benefits of The Private Solution

  • Deliver  industry based training as standalone units, skill sets or full qualifications.
  • Easy-to-use portals for learners and corporate clients.
  • Face-to-face, online, virtual classroom and blended (all included).
  • Online enrolment, payment, concession and discount options.
  • Automatically handle billing, payments and course confirmations.
  • Import up-to-date training scope directly via the TGA web service.
  • Comprehensive reporting options and dashboards
  • Compliance and reporting.
  • Customisation


  • Core Modules
  • Non SCORM LMS Modules
  • Online Assessment Builder
  • Resource Library


  • Public site
  • Student | Member
  • Company | Agent |Partner
  • Trainer
  • Administration

Branding and Configuration

  • Branding and configuration service
  • Template configuration for certificates, email, invoices and reports
  • Course and Program setup


  • Training
  • Help desk
  • Unlimited access to our comprehensive self-help tools
  • Technical & Compliance Software updates
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