Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is a Learning Management System (LMS), designed for workforce planning and development within government and corporate organisations.

It delivers outstanding results for staff training, career pathways and professional development. This solution can be used by government, private enterprise, member organisations and caters to registered and non-registered organisations.

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As an Enterprise RTO you have many compliance reporting requirements over and above your AVETMISS, USI and SRTO obligations. Your training is about developing talented professionals. That needs capability planning, goal-setting and results tracking against roles and performance criteria. The Enterprise Edition offers capability dashboards and management tools to benefit everyone in your organisation. Contact us to find out more

Organisation charts and approval levels

Bluegem implements your organisation chart and reporting structures with approval and notification workflows. The Enterprise Edition has a built-in awareness of role-based training needs, and will provide your managers and supervisors with the ability to nominate team members for learning and development activities.

Built in online learning and assessment tools

Our LMS tools deliver convenient and accessible learning that compliments the work environment, including shift and roster workers. The Enterprise edition comes complete with the full suite of Bluegem add-on components. Including a cost-effective light SCORM LMS (LMS Lite) as well as a FULL SCORM LMS for those organisations that have a stronger dependence on eLearning. Both LMS platforms are completely integrated with instructor-led (classroom-based) learning and assessment to provide a highly effective blended learning environment.

Hosting platform and integration capabilities are critical to good enterprise architecture

Bluegem Enterprise offers a 3-stage roll out including Development Server, a Staging / User Acceptance Test (UAT) Server and a Production Server.  Integration with your HR and other business systems is well supported. The Hyper V Servers used in our data centres are of the highest quality and are regularly upgraded, but we also give you the option to self host on-site.

Reliable hosting with a strong emphasis on platform security and privacy. The package comes with a Bluegem commitment to test, deliver optimal performance, visualise data, provide reports. Regular audit to your systems and services, configure, brand and set up your system. This will help you design and execute your staff training plan.

Integration technologies and capabilities

We provide options and flexibility in the way you integrate Bluegem into your existing business environment.

Bluegem offers a complete integration service employing state-of-the-art application program interfaces (APIs). Our APIs come with a comprehensive set of documents and sample client code. Our services include the ability to develop client interfaces to utilise any API technologies offered by the vendors of your business systems. You can use the integration technology your team feels comfortable with; from basic text file import / export to the latest WebAPI 2.0 technologies available on the Microsoft.NET platform.

Browse our product features and benefits, download the product brochure for more information, or contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a demo.

What can you do with our Enterprise Edition?

  • Manage employee and contractor training
  • Deliver a mix of accredited and non-accredited courses
  • Offer courses to contractors and the public
  • Integrate with existing business systems
  • Derive significant benefits from online training
  • Fully integrated SCORM online learning (add-on)
  • Lightweight LMS for SCORM content
  • Multi-choice and free text assessment builders
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Ability to brand, configure and customise
Features and BenefitsDownload BrochureDemo