RTO Software Made Easy: Bluegem Features and Benefits


RTO SoftwareWith 250,000 users worldwide, Bluegem is an innovative, complete and fully AVETMISS compliant RTO Software Solution.

If you’re a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) looking for a better AVETMISS compliant LMS then we’re confident that Bluegem will help you run your training business better and comply with all relevant standards and guidelines.

But that’s just the start.

Bluegem is designed from the ground up as a ‘complete’ business system for training providers. With Bluegem on your team you’ll have all the help you need to deliver better training and successful learning outcomes.

Bluegem automates and streamlines the administration of courses, scheduling, enrolments, resulting, assessments, certification and regulatory reporting; saving you time and effort.

Which edition is right for you?

With Bluegem, flexibility is the key. You can start with the edition that’s right for your training organisation and budget. Then you can scale up to any other edition to suit the changing needs of your business. It takes less than a day to upgrade.

Bluegem LMS Editions

I’m a small or start-up training provider with under 200 unit enrolments per year. I don’t need student and employer portals, just admin – try our Community Edition

I’m a fee-for-service training provider running nationally accredited programs and short courses. I’d like my students and corporate clients to enrol and pay online.  – you’ll need our Private Edition

I’m a government or non-government enterprise RTO, or I’m not an RTO, but I need to securely deliver staff training with all the features necessary to integrate with my HR and Finance systems, deliver online courses and have single-sign-on authentication through my corporate network. – the right solution for you is the Enterprise Edition.

I’m a private fee-for-service RTO but I also need to administer and report VET Student Loans – the solution you need is our VET Student Loans Edition.

I’m a CRICOS provider delivering courses to International Students. I may also have domestic students, some of whom apply for VET Student Loans – The right choice for you is the CRICOS Edition.

All editions provide complete tool sets and services for AVETMISS, USI, and SRTO compliance. They also include major business productivity features, such as:

  • Integrated with TGA: A complete interface with the Australian Qualifications Framework hosted on the Training.gov.au website. These services are regularly maintained and updated by Bluegem saving you the trouble of having to manually update your training scope, implement compliance rules and changes, or concern yourself with whether or not you have the most up-to-date system.


  • Online Learning and Assessment: Bluegem offers two SCORM complaint LMS solutions, LMS Lite is included with all editions except Community. This is ideal if you deliver eLearning content, but assess competencies face to face; or assessment can be done using the Bluegem Online Assessment and Free Text (essay-style) assessment tools. If you need fully fledged SCORM with built in quizzes and full tracking, then you can purchase our FULL SCORM Add-On module. You can use any SCORM authoring tool like Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, etc… to design and publish your content for both options. But LMS Lite will enable you to also deliver non-SCORM content such as a collection of PDFs, HTML Files, Word Docs, Power Point and Video files.


  • Document Library: All editions include a built-in document library that can store any documents, images, reports and videos related to your business. You can manage access levels even for students and corporate clients. Your students can create folders and upload documents such as completed assignments or evidence of on-the-job training and assessment.


  • Staff Qualification Register: Keeps track of your trainer and assessor capabilities, qualifications, experience, professional development activities and performance reviews. You can easily run reports to demonstrate that your team members have the necessary credentials to do their jobs.


  • Application Program Interface (API): Bluegem implements the latest and most sophisticated Web API technology from Microsoft. The API enables you to integrate Bluegem with your corporate website, your internal business systems, obtain custom reports and RSS feeds, create custom dashboards and much, much more.


  • Custom Report Builder: We use this for Certificate and Email templates, and you can use it in your solution to modify templates and to generate your own data-driven custom reports. Bluegem provides a comprehensive set of business objects that give you secure access to the data you need to create the reports that really matter to your business.


  • Email Templates and Notifications: As you would expect of any advanced business-software solution, Bluegem provides a rich set of workflows that deliver reports, reminders and notifications. Email templates let you control format, audience, method of delivery (Manual / Auto), attachments and merge data fields necessary to effectively communicate your business-critical messages. SMS text-message Notifications are also available as an Add-on.


  • Feedback and Issues: Or “Complaints and Appeal” in ESOS terminology. This tool lets your stakeholders participate in continuous ongoing improvement by contributing feedback in a structured issue-management-and-corrective-action system that is fully tracked, private and transparent for all contributing parties.


  • Import / Export Data: If you’re an RTO reporting all activity through AVETMISS then you’ll be happy to know that importing your data into Bluegem could not be easier. We have a fully functional and automated AVETMISS Importer that will see you migrated and fully operational in Bluegem in a matter of hours with minimal cost. In fact if your data was fully verified and accepted by the NCVER AVETMISS Verification Software – the service may be free of charge. We also have numerous data importers and exporters to facilitate the migration of data in and out of the system. Often, CSV Import / Export for one-off jobs is easier than implementing the API. But we advise that it is less secure and not well suited for frequent or real-time data exchanges. In these circumstances the API is always a better option.


  • Certificate Verification: All Bluegem Certificate templates include a QR Code verification that links back to the Certificate Register. This enables your certificates to be verified by anyone looking to employ your students or enrol them into further training. QR Code electronic verification can save your business a fortune in expensive paper, elaborate watermarks and and the sheer cost of print.

What about set-up, training and support?

All Bluegem editions include generous access to our training and support tools and services. As a Community Edition client you have unlimited access to our self-help support tools. One-on-one support is charged. For all other editions training, setup and support is included in the package pricing. The package includes:

  • Setup: Configuration, set up and branding of your software
  • Training: Half a day of Admin training on the entire system
  • Start-Up: 30 days of unclocked time to get you started on the right foot
  • Sandbox: A shared sandbox for trying out processes and ideas without impacting your production data
  • Self Help: Full access to online user manuals, webinars and videos
  • Help Desk: Online ticketed help-desk with 24-Hr minimum response time during the working week
  • Phone / Email: One-on-one ticketed, phone and email support
  • Release notes: provided on all updates and patches
  • Updates: 2 major releases per year for compliance changes, training package updates and technical improvements
  • Bulletins: Relevant industry notices and bulletins
  • Reporting Time: Additional help with AVETMISS reporting if required

To learn more about our support services visit the support links.

Where to next?

If you like what you see and would like to know more about Bluegem, we recommend that you click the Contact button below and make an enquiry. Our friendly sales team will contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions and recommend an obligation-free online demo of our system. If you like what you see you can request a trial. Our trials are are assisted by the support team, so you can try out our support services at the same time.

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