National VET Conference 2015

The National VET Conference in 2015 will be held in Adelaide. Once again Bluegem will be a sponsor and we welcome you to our booth

We are very please to announce that once again Bluegem will be at the National VET Conference this year. It gives us an opportunity to communicate with our clients, partners and friends and we really look forward to talking with you about how the year has gone, the vast number of regulatory reporting changes and introduction of the USI, and the government policy at state and federal level have affected you and the industry as a whole. But we also want to talk to you about the major improvements we’ve made in BGEX 2015. The list is endless, but I’ll break it down to a couple of key benefits:

  • Integration with Enterprise Billing systems, Xero and MYOB for easier billing and financial reporting.
  • Integration with business systems such as HR, ERP, CRM and Document management systems
  • As always our MS Partner Credentials ensure you new Microsoft systems such as Office 365, SharePoint Online, CRM 2015 can be integrated and deployed
  • Improved online and free text assessments
  • Curriculum Management
  • Role and Career Development Plans
  • Web API – enabling easy reporting, dashboards, custom extensions and customisation
  • AVETMISS and RAPT Importer
  • Nominations and enrolment Process
  • Streamlined AVETMISS / RAPT / VET-FEE Help validation and reporting
  • Library resources
  • We’ve also made significant improvements and additions to daily operations such as Student Management, Scheduling, Resulting Assessment and Certification
  • New tools for student profiles and capturing student history
  • New pricing models, contracts and service level agreements ensure that whether your a start up RTO with 3 students, delivering to 100s of Trainees and Apprentices a day, or maging the learning and development competencies of your staff and employees. You’ll find a high quality and affordable solution at Bluegem that’s right in the pocket.

So yes we look forward to chatting with you and wish you all the best at the conference.

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