Screen Shots

The product screen shots can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Please note the following points of clarification before downloading.

  1. The ENTERPRISE edition has all modules included. If you purchase the PRIVATE or PUBLIC edition you may not find all the modules depicted here. The modules actually included in each edition are defined in their specs and the relevant brochures that can be obtained from our website for PRIVATE, and PUBLIC.
  2. This document makes no attempt to explain features, benefits, or operation of the product. For that information you must use the website and download the relevant brochures.
  3. The screen shots are taken from an unbranded demo. Please keep in mind that BluegemEXPLORE can be fully branded by you to your specifications assuming you have access to the necessary web design expertise, particularly in HTML and CSS. So based on these screen shots, please don’t assume that any images, colour schemes, fonts or styles that you see here are fixed.
  4. The product is constantly evolving and improving in quarterly updates. As a client your license includes access to the latest releases. So what appears in these screen shots today may change over time.
  5. All screen shots were taken at full resolution and can be expanded using your PDF viewer’s zoom in/out tools for better viewing.
  6. The screen shots are intended to indicate only a sample of the functionality in BluegemEXPLORE. They are not representative of ALL the functionality which would require a very large document and hundreds of screen shots. You should not make any assumptions about the scope and extent of functionality based on these screen shots.
  7. The purpose of the screen shots is to support you in conducting due diligence on the product. Keep in mind that this information is copyright protected by Bluegem and should not be used in any way that might harm Bluegem’s commercial interests.