The Webinar Series that will see you using Bluegem like an expert

This is a must attend webinar series if you are an existing Bluegem client or considering becoming one. The series will take you through an enchanting journey through the mystery mountain that is Bluegem. Imagine learning all the tricks required to become a proficient and expert user. You will learn how to:
  • conquer curriculum set-up .
  • mark results like a pro
  • choose the best enrolment process
  • master templates for certificates, reports and emails
  • click to comply for RAPT and AVETMISS reporting
  • harness the power of online learning and assessments
You'll be in the hands of a highly skilled facilitator who will deliver an informative and interesting series and provide answers to all your questions. So please feel free to engage with her in the chat sessions during the Q&A.