Flexible Integrated eLearning


Integrating eLearning into a holistic training environment could deliver valuable new and convenient options to any training organisation. If your’re a private RTO accepting fee-for-service bookings this could potentially generate a new revenue stream for your business with minimal upfront cost. If your’e and Enterprise Training Organisation we don’t need to tell you how convenient it would be to have your busy staff members learning at a time and place that is convenient and flexible. Public RTOs too can derive enormous benefits by being able to combine pre and in course modules that students can complete in their own time.

Our eLearning platform wears two hats. Firstly, we have the LMS Lite solution which adds no additional cost to your BluegemEXPLORE solution. This version enables you to create SCORM compliant content, TIN CAN content, or a mixed bag of HTML, MS WORD, PDF and other document types that you package into a ZIP file and deliver as eLearning course. But if you want to add online assessments and quizzes LMS Lite must be used in conjunctions with our proprietary online assessment builder. That’s because LMS Lite doesn’t implement the full SCORM or Tin Can standards. The full SCORM standard incorporates: Online content, bookmarking, tracking, sequencing, and interactions. LMS Lite implements the first part, Online Content. But it also provides sequencing of multiple modules and trackable assessments through our proprietary software methods. But if you need full SCORM or Tin Can compliance then the FULL SCORM Module is available. This module is included with the Enterprise edition and can be purchased as an Add-On with Private and Public editions. But with the FULL SCORM Module you also need to consider the cost of SCORM Cloud accounts. SCORM Cloud is the world authority on everything ‘SCORM’ and they were the developers of the Tin Can project, released as xApi in May 2013.

This diagram explains how LMS Lite differs from the


Compares the LMS Lite and Full SCORM / Tin Can Solutions


Figure 1 – Comparing LMS Lite to Full SCORM Module