These are the things that explain why clients should work with Bluegem

Cloud Based Learner Management Systems

Cloud Based

Bluegem is secure and very reliable. In the Cloud, hosted in Australia with backups and Disaster Recovery all included. Your own Bluegem application and database. Leads to more control, flexibility and better performance than the multi-tenant offering of other training management systems.

Easy to Use Learner Management Systems

Easy to Use

Bluegem is very easy to use, but rest assured, it’s a complex system with a lot happening in the background to make sure it always works exceptionally well for you.

Learner Management Systems Solutions

A Complete Solution

Bluegem is a complete business management, learning and reporting system for training providers. It’s a fully compliant and proven solution with over 250,000 users worldwide

Learner Management Systems Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Every 3 months we release updates for Bluegem to keep it fully compliant. Each update adds more valuable benefits so Bluegem continually gets better and even easier to use.

Learner Management Systems Support

Outstanding Support

With any new software, your team will require knowledgeable, friendly and efficient support. You’ll always get this from Bluegem, every time you require assistance.