BluegemEXPLORE Training Management System Integration Learning Management System

Belinda Trembath

Training Coordinator – RTO


Hi Lynne,

I wanted to say that the learning experience from participating in the Breakout sessions was very positive. Once again, Bluegem, you have done it!  Again, you open my eyes to other opportunities in having one integrated solution for our business. You make being an RTO easy.


The items I can take away from these are:


Bluegem E-Learning  Integration:


  • Discovering the possibilities of where we can take this given that E-Learning is already available in the system we have.
  • Leah is based in VIC so we can call on her assistance to help us develop the coursework initially and then we can to it independently.
  • This is definitely something we will be looking to incorporate in to our learning strategies in the next 12 months and beyond.
  • We initially had hesitation in offering an e-learning option but the ease of development and the flexibility of the offering which is linked to the TMS opens a door for some excellent possibilities as not all of our learners are Tech Savvy, but we do have some who can benefit from this as an effective vocational learning and assessment tool.


BluegemEXPLORE CRM and TMS integration


  • Even though we use Sales Force, we can now see that there are possibilities and can ask about whether the TMS and CRM functionality can be developed for our existing system
  • It was good to see that we can add notes to a learner’s development in their profile and have these accessible by sales staff. I.e.: refresher due dates so the next sale can be arranged and the student returns to our RTO to participate in refresher and further training, thus maintaining a business relationship rather than a once-off learning experience.
  • Maintaining direct enrolment data with the individual learner means we can track them rather than via their employer. Having this line of communication with the learner directly means we can provide them with further learning opportunities and sales of associated equipment to perform their job safely. Eg: harnesses for safe work at height students.
  • The benefits of integration and the time saving factors were outlined which shows us how timely our current processes are and that we have the systems in place to strive for a more efficient administrative process.
  • I liked being able to ask questions in the on-line meeting environment to establish the considerations which have been made to met compliance requirements – for data accessibility and privacy of student data.


Again, thank you for the opportunity to participate in the breakout sessions. I hope to be able to log-in to others in the future.  It is such a great help and a great way to learn more.

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