BluegemEXPLORE 2015 Enterprise Edition | LMS – Integration Services



Your enterprise most probably employs well-established business systems that you and everyone else in your organisation have grown to depend on. You would understandably be unreceptive to the prospect of having to replace those systems in order to adopt a new training and development software system. That’s why Bluegem is the right solution for you on three levels:

  1. A high quality enterprise LMS designed and developed in Australia for Australian training providers.
  2. Extensive and flexible integration features and services, allowing your LMS to communicate effectively with your systems.
  3. Exceptional onsite training and support, backed by a vast array of self-help tools.
  4. Comprehensive and accurate, yet easy to use for all stakeholders.

Delivering training and assessment within the context of your enterprise and your industry, needs collaboration with a partner who can help you attain the right balance between preserving and harnessing what works, while implementing new software that will deliver all the outcomes envisioned for your new training and development landscape.

We excel in training and learning management solutions. While our solutions offer a wide range of out-of-the-box functionality, we don’t claim to do everything. That’s why we’ve become experts at integration and data management. We provide a strong suite of products and services to ensure your systems communicate in harmony and balance.

Where can you find us in 2015?


May 25 – 26 | WA Training Providers Forum – Perth


Aug 26 – 27 | AHRI National Convention & Exhibition – Melbourne


Sept 17 – 18 | National Vet Conference – Adelaide



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