BluegemEXPLORE 2013 – Student Management System Launch

Thanks Lynne, and thanks for a fantastic day.  As I said today, I am very excited to get going with the new BluegemEXPLORE Version 2013 Student Management System. We always knew that the CPREA business was a bit different to the usual clients you would have on the Bluegem system, and that Bluegem was not going to be ultimate package Day One to meet the needs of the CPREA business.

However we also knew that there was enough in the system to get us going and meet most of our critical needs, and with some modifications it would not only work perfectly, but it would also allow us to grow as a business (utilising existing capacity within the Bluegem system in the future), and that Bluegem would grow with us. The beauty of not having to find a new/different system later down the track – stability during growth is important.

During today, I was pleasantly surprised to identify and realise that BluegemEXPLORE 2013 was much closer to the mark (and suitable for our business) than we had originally thought.  This makes it even more exciting.  I have used, trialled and evaluated many SMS’s, as you well know, and Bluegem keeps popping to the top, and demonstrating the key critical factors in decision making when choosing an AVETMISS compliant Student Management System, including being :

•    Very aesthetically pleasing •    Easy to navigate •    Logical (with built in intuition) •    Easy to use
The BluegemEXPLORE 2013, takes the Student Records Management System to a whole other level, and I know your existing and future clients will love it – why wouldn’t they!

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  1. SANDY ROBERTS April 1, 2014 at 2:39 am #

    Thanks Lynne for takng your time to demonstrate the features of Bluegem to me. As I explained I work with RTOs and potential RTO clients who are seeking an AVETMIS compliant SMS that has the ability to meet a range of teaching and learning modes. The demand for flexible SMS systems that can operate in a secure online mode is increasing.

    I am very impressed with Bluegem as it not only provides a secure on line enrolment and learning platform but reduces the administrative burden and cost where trainers and assessors can download and upload student data and assessment outcomes in situ.

    Blue gem also eliminates the need for a separate RTO website which saves on establishment and maintenance costs.

    I have used, trialled and evaluated many SMS?s, and I now rate Bluegem as the market leader for those RTOs delivering flexible training and assessment services and needing a compliant secure online platform.

    In addition Blue Gem is very user-friendly, being very easy to navigate and clearly outlines the distinctive features for training/assessment and administration. I am also very impressed with the RTO websites that are powered by Bluegem. They are extremely professional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Thanks again for giving me your time.

  2. Neville Mader May 12, 2014 at 3:18 am #

    we are interested in adopting a SMS that might also be able to assist with the training management of our workforce.

    we are keen on seeing a demonstration if at all possible.



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