AVETMISS RAPT CRICOS VET Student Loan and USI Compliant RTO Software


AVETMISS RAPT SRTO CRICOS VET Student Loan and USI compliant software

YES, Bluegem is fully compliant!

All Bluegem Bluegem Editions fully comply with the AVETMISS and USI reporting requirements to National, WA RAPT, VIC SVTS, DETconnect and NZQA for New Zealand PTE formats. Bluegem also implements all relevant clauses in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTO 2015). If you are a CRICOS and / or a VET FEE HELP Provider, you’ll be pleased to know that… Yes, fully compliant with all the standards required for meeting your ESOS National Code 2007, HEPCAT and PRISMS reporting.

We don’t just mean compliant today. We mean compliant always!

Keeping Up With Compliance Standards

If you’re an RTO you know very well that achieving compliance is only half the battle. The other half is maintaining it through frequent changes every year. That is precisely why the team at Bluegem release quarterly updates, to ensure that your TMS is always right up to date with latest changes in any of the compliance reporting standards.

State and Federal Funding Sources

If you’re receiving state funding and need to report monthly via your state reporting system, you’ll be delighted with Bluegem easy-efficient processes. We’ve put a lot of design effort into keeping it super simple. Just configure your one-off reporting settings, then run your student management processes as usual. Then sometime before your submission date validate your files with one click generate your files with another click. Any errors in your validation report have links so you can go back to the original data, readjust and revalidate. You can repeat the process as often as necessary and submit the files when you’re satisfied that they validate.

Benefits of using Bluegem “Click to Comply” efficiency

  • Easy Validation of AVETMISS  NCVER, WA RAPT, DETconnect and SVTS formats
  • Links directly to fix any data errors
  • Easy NAT / RAPT / VSN file generation
  • Direct integration with USI Create and Verify functions – no need to leave the TMS
  • All State and Federal funding sources supported
  • Easy to award RPL and Credit Transfers
  • All data is consistent with your Certificates and SoAs
  • Total VET Activity and CCOS reporting fully supported
  • All relevant SRTO 2015 clauses